How To Change Language In Duolingo For Free

how to change language in duolingo

If for some reason Duolingo is displayed in a foreign language and you want to change it, follow this guide. Today we’ll show you how to find and manage your language settings. Learn how to change language in Duolingo. Click to view instructions for your operating system: Android Windows iOS For Android: First, open the Duolingo app on … Read more

How To See Who Viewed Your Whatsapp Status With Read Receipt Off For Free

how to see who viewed your whatsapp status with read receipt off

The article below explains How To See Who Viewed Your Whatsapp Status With Read Receipt Off. ]WhatsApp mode has been a clear favorite among the masses since its inception. Whether sharing their actual status (remember, busy or online?) or sending it via a secret message (only a few can understand), WhatsApp status serves various purposes. … Read more

How To Change Back Button In Vivo For Free

how to change back button in vivo

What are the advantages of smartphones with on-screen touch controls? The fact that they can be swapped and or even turned off completely, refusing in favor of gestures (the latter idea, however, not everyone liked). In this article, we will show you how to change the location of the touch keys on an Android smartphone. In our … Read more

How To Remove Beard From Photo For Free

how to remove beard from photo

This filter removes the beard, if any. Now I will tell you where you can find a similar effect. Where To Find? Such a filter is available in the Snapchat app. You can download the program for free in the official  AppStore and  Google Play stores. You will need to register on Snapchat. What To Do? Login to Snapchat. In … Read more