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CLO Standalone, a powerful clothing design software, offers a convenient offline installation experience through its standalone setup.

With its complete offline installer, users can enjoy the software’s features without requiring an internet connection.

The development process is streamlined, allowing designers to create stunning 3D garments efficiently.

The full offline installer requires minimal free hard disk space, making it accessible for designers with limited storage.

Explore the possibilities of CLO Standalone with its hassle-free and space-efficient standalone setup.

Overview of CLO Standalone Benefits

Free space: CLO Standalone allows you to free up physical space by creating clothes virtually.

Finishing details: With CLO Standalone, you can easily add and refine intricate finishing details to your virtual garments.

Multi-core Intel series: CLO Standalone leverages the power of multi-core Intel processors, ensuring efficient and speedy simulations.

Drape-sensitive fabrics: CLO Standalone accurately simulates the drape and movement of drape-sensitive fabrics, giving you realistic results.

AMD equivalent RAM: CLO Standalone is optimized to utilize AMD equivalent RAM, providing smooth and responsive performance.

System requirements: CLO Standalone has modest system requirements, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

CLO Standalone v7 Overview

Colors, textures, and finishing: CLO Standalone v7 offers an extensive range of options for enhancing garments with vibrant colors, realistic textures, and impeccable finishing touches.

User-friendly: CLO Standalone v7 boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for designers to navigate and create stunning patterns, colors, and textures.

Patterns, colors, and textures: Designers can explore a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures in CLO Standalone v7, allowing for endless creative possibilities and customization options.

Features of CLO Standalone 5 Free Download

Textures and Finishing Details: CLO Standalone 5 allows users to apply various textures and intricate details to their virtual garments, enhancing the realism and quality of the designs.

File Compatibility: CLO Standalone 5 supports a wide range of file formats, allowing users to import and export their designs seamlessly, facilitating collaboration and integration with other software.

Easy Modifications: CLO Standalone 5 provides intuitive tools for making modifications to garments, enabling users to refine and adjust their designs quickly and efficiently.

Real-Time Simulation: With CLO Standalone 5, users can experience a real-time simulation of fabric drapes and movement, previewing how garments will behave in various scenarios.

Enhanced Rendering: CLO Standalone 5 offers improved rendering capabilities, allowing for high-quality visual representations of garments with accurate lighting, shadows, and textures.

Features of CLO Standalone

Custom body: CLO Standalone allows for the creation of custom body shapes, ensuring accurate fit right from the start.

Fit sooner: With CLO Standalone, designers can visualize and adjust garment fit earlier in the design process, saving time and resources.

Checking silhouette: CLO Standalone provides tools to check and refine the garment silhouette, ensuring a perfect and flattering look for the wearer.

Efficient Iterative Design Process

CLO Standalone streamlines the design process by facilitating quick iterations and modifications.

Designers can easily make adjustments to garment patterns, styles, and details, enabling faster prototyping and reducing the need for physical samples.

Collaboration and Communication

CLO Standalone facilitates effective collaboration between designers, pattern makers, and other stakeholders involved in the garment creation process.

The ability to showcase realistic 3D renderings of garments enhances communication and ensures a clear understanding of the design intent.


CLO Standalone revolutionizes the fashion design industry by offering realistic garment simulation, efficient iterative design processes, and enhanced collaboration and communication. Embracing CLO Standalone empowers fashion professionals to bring their creative visions to life with greater precision and ease.

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