Cuphead Free Download PC Windows 10 32 & 64-bit [2023]

Step through the retro world of Cupball

Cuphead Free Download PC Windows 10 is an indie platform game where you play a character, a cute character with a cup of coffee for his head. In this game, you have to go through level after cartoon level fighting bosses to pay off the debt you owe to the devil. The entire game is illustrated in the classic 1930s Max Fleischer cartoon style.

Cartoon chaos

As a platform game, Run-and-Gun Cuphead evokes nothing like a classic from the Mega Man series. Like his robotic predecessor, the protagonist is a charming, cutthroat rogue who acquires many new weapons over the course of his race. Between levels, you choose your path through the outside world, creating a branching path where you don’t have to follow the same path between levels.

In addition to his various weapons, your character also has the ability to parry. Steam up with enough incoming attacks and you’ll have the energy you need to unleash a devastating special move. In multiplayer mode, your buddy Mugman takes the stage to fight alongside you against dozens of whimsical, cartoonish bosses. With its hand-drawn characters and charming retro aesthetic,

Never deal with the devil

If you enjoy the action-action genre and visually innovative games, you owe it to yourself to check out the great retro madness that is Cuphead.


  • Classic yet modern cartoon graphics
  • Lots of exciting bosses


  • Steep learning curve
  • Unusual room

Application Features

  • Version: 1.2.3

  • Update date: Feb 15, 2023

  • Platform: Windows

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Language: English

Cuphead Free Download PC Windows 10

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