Download MongoDB For Windows 7 For Free [2023]


Download MongoDB For Windows 7, a software that allows you to make smarter decisions about document structure, queries, indexing, document validation, and more. MongoDB Compass is available as a subscription. This version is a free tool for developing with MongoDB and includes some of the application’s features. The Community Edition is freely available to all users.

This allows you to parse and understand the content of your data without formal knowledge of MongoDB query syntax. In addition to exploring data in a visual environment, you can also use the application to optimize query performance, manage indexes, and implement document validation.

In this version, all network connections are disabled, except for the connection to the MongoDB instance. The isolated edition is available as part of a subscription.

Compass is offered in four editions:

Compass Community
This edition is designed for development with MongoDB and includes some of the features of this tool.

The full version of Mongo DB Compass with all features and functionality. The application is available as part of a subscription.

Compass Readonly
This edition is strictly limited to read operations, with all write and delete capabilities removed.

Isolated Compass
This version does not initiate any network requests other than to the MongoDB server that Compass connects to. This version is designed for highly secure environments.

Edition features

  • Interact with documents, collections, and databases with full CRUD functionality.
  • Creating and executing queries and aggregation pipelines
  • Creating and Deleting Indexes
  • View and optimize query performance with visual explanation plans
  • Kerberos, LDAP, and x.509 authentication
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Real-time server statistics
  • Creating, deleting, and editing document verification rules
  • Error collection and crash reporting

Download MongoDB For Windows 7

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