Download Movie Maker For Windows 7 For Free [2023]

Download Movie Maker For Windows 7, a free application for creating your videos and slideshows from video and photo files. You can download Windows Movie Maker for free right now! On our site, it is possible without registration.

Take just a few minutes to install and feel like a director. You will definitely succeed, even if you try it for the first time – the program is designed for beginners.

How useful is the service?

Key Features of Windows Movie Maker:

  • Slideshow design using photos and illustrations.
  • Video processing: editing video files, trimming, and merging.
  • Sound overlay.
  • Title writing.
  • Creation of various transitions.
  • Quality setting when saving a project in WMV format.
  • Adding attractive special effects.

Windows Movie Maker

So, if the download and installation are complete, here are a few important questions that will come in handy.

How to use it? The video is created practically without your participation – photos, audio, and video files, as well as special effects and music tracks, are used. It can be saved and posted on the Internet. Explore the program’s interface – it’s quite intuitive and similar to other short film editors.

How to change the language? The program is available for the following operating systems: Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista. Unfortunately, today the language replacement function is not provided in the settings. But you can download the Russian version of the program and change the interface language of version 2.6, and for version 2.0 – 2.1 – download the crack.

How to create a video from video and photos?

Working with the application can be reduced to several main points:

  1. Launching the program through the Start menu / Programs / Windows Movie Maker (Search will also help come to your rescue).
  2. Import the files you are interested in. Click “Import video” / “Import audio” / “Import music”.
  3. Adding images/video/audio objects to the timeline. The “Make an AutoMovie” button will allow you to do this automatically.
  4. Writing titles and titles using various fonts and animation methods.
  5. Assign special effects and interesting transitions.
  6. Editing and saving to a computer.

Follow simple video editor prompts and you will easily be able to create a real short film or mp4 clip from your photo galleries, etc. Do you want to record a video from a webcam and make someone an original surprise? The new Russian version of the Film Studio will help you!

Download Movie Maker For Windows 7

Click on the download button below to Download Movie Maker For Windows 7 For Free.

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