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filmora 11

With an easy-to-use interface, Filmora 11 software has a vast collection of stock media, and a comprehensive toolkit that takes care of all necessary tasks while omitting nothing crucial.

Vloggers, TikTokers, and YouTubers in every imaginable form: You are the focus of Wondershare Filmora 11’s design. Here are a few justifications for upgrading right away.

Is there a free trial of Filmora 11?

The good news is that Filmora 11 offers a risk-free trial.

Actually, the trial is extremely kind. Unlike other video editing tools, it doesn’t have a time limit, and the only drawback is that videos exported from it have a watermark on them. You may try out all of the premium features!

filmora 11

Take advantage of their free trial if you’re still debating buying Filmora 11 (after reading this review, of course).

Filmora 11 features

Filmora 11 simplifies the video editing process using smart, intuitive features that can automate repetitive tasks. Now that you are aware of the price of Filmora 11, I can go on to the review’s main subject: its features.

With Filmora 11, you get a lot of features for your money. I will now discuss the main attractions without going into each one in detail:

filmora 11

Motion monitoring


Green background

Screen recorder >800 transitions >4,000 elements >4,000 title presets >4,000 graphic effects

Split screen > 1,000 sound effects and audio tracks

Sound effects

Auto beat sync

Automatically create the sequence between frames with this software.

Different render options

Provides customizable video templates that allow users to create a completed video with one click.

Create a complete video with just one click using preset templates, Filmora AI, and Instant Mode

This app is capable of anything that your standard video editing software is able to accomplish, all in a package that ends up being much more lightweight than your standard prosumer fare in this area. It is a tool we recommend to video editors, both professionals and beginners.

Preset Template

filmora 11

The Wondershare drive is cloud storage from Wondershare to manage and store your files on, so let’s move in towards the knowledge and how of this drive. We frequently struggle with managing our project multimedia files; occasionally, we lost the files, misplaced them, or confused them with other projects files.

Find Templates

You must go to “My Media” on Filmora to access templates, where you will find a menu of choices. Select “Preset Templates” from the menu. You’ll have further options in the end: All Custom Templates.

The templates that you will develop for your projects are included in the bespoke ones. Let’s continue to use Filmora’s pre-made templates for the time being. So, as seen in the image below, click on “All Templates” to view the Filmora templates that are currently available.

Edit in Timeline

Any template from the entire collection is available for selection. Let’s go with the first option. Simply click and drag it onto the timeline to make it function. You can see it has three audio tracks, a video, and the title once you paste it on the timeline. As illustrated below, you can play it to see what’s within.

Edit Template

As we can see, our template has three different kinds of tracks. Let’s say we need to update it. We can replace the video with our own version since we are only interested in the graphics.

filmora 11

So, remove the video track from the timeline and replace it with a track from your media. However, for this example, we’ll add a track from Filmora as seen below.

Once the track was erased, another video may be added to it. on get your video on the template, choose a video, drag it on the timeline, and trim any extraneous parts of the video.

The text on the template can also be changed. You must choose the title tune for it. After that, double-click on the video’s title text by hovering over it to alter it. When you do that, a new text editor window will appear on the left side of Filmora. From the text field of the new window, enter your text. You can even alter the text’s font, color, and size as well as apply the effects that are displayed.

The same applies to any text in the video. You can see the edited version of the video and enjoy it. That’s not all, but you can use this strategy to play around with all templates.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the template will have more tracks on it the more visuals it contains. Let’s say we include a Minecraft template as a new template. Similar to that, this may be inserted by dragging and dropping it from the templates menu onto the timeline. You’ll notice that it has a large number of modifiable tracks, as demonstrated below.

Effects and plug-ins ÔÇô the optional extras

Wondershare has also unveiled a few add-ons that you may buy in addition to Filmora 11.

You have unrestricted access to the following effects and plug-ins with these monthly subscriptions:

Movie Stock Norm

filmora 11

Blue FX New

FX AI Portrait of Boris

Depending on the Filmora 11 plan you choose to purchase, the price to access all of these effects will vary, but budget $18.99 (if you have the Annual Plan) or $36.96 (if you have the Perpetual Plan) every month.

Green screen

The film business has long employed the green screen method. Simply take out anything in the video that is a specific color, like lime green.

filmora 11

You can import green screen-containing video clips into Filmora 11 and edit them out of the scene. It only requires choosing the clip and the color you wish to remove to complete this task.

Check out their brief guide if you want to know more about making green screen effects in Filmora.

Audio tracks

In addition to a ton of visual effects, Filmora 11 also comes with 260 audio tracks and 1,105 sound effects, or hundreds of royalty-free audio tracks.

These can in handy if you want to add some tasteful background music to your videos without worrying about copyright issues.

Genres of audio tracks include:

Electronic Rock Tender and hea

Rtfelt Folk

Audio effects

Once an audio file has been added to the timeline, you can double-click on the track to apply specific audio effects.

Applying a fade at the beginning or conclusion of the audio clip is simple.

Altering the pitch and using an equalizer are additional options if you want to change how the music sounds.

filmora 11

Audio ducking is one of the most sophisticated audio capabilities; it automatically reduces the loudness of some background music when a voiceover is playing.

Speaking of voiceovers, you will be pleased to observe a denoise effect if you frequently utilize them. Applying this will allow you to reduce some annoying background noises.

Finally, if you wish your volume to remain consistent throughout, there is an auto normalization option.

Other Key Features

Screen recorder

Filmora 11 is a video editor that also includes a built-in screen recorder feature for making screencasts. This means you can record your desktop directly using Filmora 11 rather than needing to use a separate screen recorder program.

filmora 11

Simply select the recording area (full screen, custom, or a target window) and decide whether to record audio from the device or from a microphone when the screen recorder function is launched. Additionally, numerous displays may be recorded simultaneously.

The recording frame rate (12ÔÇô60 FPS), quality (good, better, best), showing mouse clicks, playing mouse click noises, and applying a recording timer are additional settings that can be altered.

It is also feasible to enable this if you want to simultaneously record with a webcam.

Once you stop filming, all screen captures are automatically added to your Filmora 11 project as MP4 files.

Filmora 11 support

filmora 11

Now letÔÇÖs move this Filmora 11 review to talking about the support you will receive if you decide to purchase it.

Support comes in different forms, and includes:

  • Support Center
  • Support ticket
  • Live chat
  • YouTube channel

Support Center

Filmora 11 features a dedicated Support Center if you have any questions, as with the majority of digital items.

You can explore articles here that address frequently asked questions, so there is a strong possibility you will find the answer there.

But you may always open a ticket or use their live chat if you need specific assistance.

3 things I like about Filmora 11

So now you have a better idea about what Filmora 11 is and what it can do for you. Let me now focus on my personal likes and dislikes about the software.

filmora 11

The low cost

Since you receive so many features for your money with Filmora 11, I can’t believe how affordable it is.

It has the same professional video editing experience as Adobe Premiere Pro, but without the high cost or challenging learning curve!

Built-in screen recorder

I was happy to see a screen recorder inside of Filmora 11 because I frequently make screencasts and video lessons, therefore I always need to record my screen.

Generous free preset assets

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many presets were included with Filmora 1 because I’m not particularly creative. Although I’d like to think I’m an expert at Adobe After Effect, I’m not.

With Filmora 11’s countless title settings, effects, components, transitions, and other features as well as its Filmstock collection, I have more than enough tools to improve my video production without going over budget.

Filmora YouTube channel

The Wondershare team has created a fantastic YouTube channel where they routinely give informative Filmora tutorials and advice.

In less than 5 minutes, you can learn how to use Filmora 11 to apply motion tracking to multiple objects and delete items from recordings.

Filmora 11 FAQs

Is Filmora video editor really free?

Filmora costs money. To use Filmora without any limitations at all, you must acquire a license.

There is, however, a Filmora trial that is absolutely free. When using the trial, videos that are exported will have a watermark.

Is Filmora worth buying?

I invested in Filmora 11’s Perpetual Plan ($79.99), which I wholeheartedly endorse. There isn’t another video editor that can compete with it for this cheap, period!

Is Filmora any good?

It is incredible if you are a novice or intermediate video editor.

Filmora 11 might not be as excellent as you think it is if you’re an advanced user.

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