How To Connect Internet To PC Windows 7 For Free [2023]


In my articles, I periodically recommend turning off the router and connecting directly to the Internet from your computer or laptop to diagnose a malfunction. This method allows you to check the Internet without third-party influence, and if the provider has a problem, it correctly prompts errors. In this article, I want to show how to set up a new connection on Windows 7. On the “ten” and other “axes”, everything is done in a similar way, but for them, I will prepare separate instructions. In this article is a guide on how to connect internet to PC Windows 7.

The instruction is suitable for users connected directly through the provider’s cord, or through a router in bridge mode. The example is creating a PPPoE connection and other common settings specific to the Internet on Windows 7.

Direct connection – PPPoE

Let’s get straight to the point. Do everything for me:

  1. Go to the Network and Sharing Center. The easiest way to do this is through the network connection icon in the tray near the clock – right-click on it and select the appropriate item:
  2. In the window that opens, select “Set up a new connection or network”:
  3. “Connect to the Internet” and More
  4. “High Speed ​​(with PPPoE)”:
  5. We fill in the fields. “Username” and “Password” are taken from your contract with the provider. You can check the “Remember this password” box so that you do not have to enter it again next time. The connection name is whatever you like, it doesn’t affect anything.
  6. We press the “Connect” button and the Internet should start.

Check if the Internet is working. Also, this connection in Network Connections (Network and Sharing Center – Change adapter settings) creates a new connection. Those. no need to create a new connection every time, just connect this or even create a shortcut for it on the desktop for a quick launch:

Direct connection – L2TP and other VPN-like

It happens that your provider provides the Internet not through PPPoE, but, for example, through L2TP or another technology based on VPN networks. The principle of connecting to such a network is similar to the previous one here, but you need to select a slightly different item:

Specify the type of connection with your provider or look in the contract with him.

Through a router

If you have a router or an ADSL modem, then in theory it should already establish the connection for you. All that remains to be done is to correctly connect the computer or laptop to it.

With a router, everything is simple:

  1. Plug one end of the cable into the router’s LAN port.
  2. We insert the other end of the cable into the network card connector on a computer or laptop.

The Internet should start automatically! If you have Wi-Fi, just connect through it and everything will work.

If the connection is made using an ADSL modem, then to connect the Internet on Windows 7, you just need to correctly execute the connection scheme and separate the Internet from the telephone channel using a splitter:

How to set up a new internet connection on Windows 7

Via USB modem

“Seven” quietly works with USB modems. Usually, all that is needed is to plug the modem into a USB port or connect to it via Wi-Fi. In the first case, the connection setup program should be launched (optional), in the second, everything will work again on its own.

Bugs and problems

Possible mistakes – darkness and a small cart. It’s almost impossible to predict everything here. But there are general tips:

  1. In which case, try restarting the router and computer, and then repeat everything again.
  2. The most common mistake lies in the network settings. Ideally, you need to make sure that they are set to Automatically obtain addresses. To do this, go to the Network and Sharing Center described above – Change adapter settings, and here we select our regular wired or wireless adapter, go to its Properties (via the right mouse button), and continue according to the scheme:

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