How To Get Instagram Followers Cheat For Free [2023]

Getting followers on Instagram seems like a good idea. But it only seems. Young accounts should carefully use all methods of cheating, as it is easiest for them to earn a ban. Below we will consider how to get Instagram followers cheat using free and paid services and methods, why this is necessary and what are the limitations.

Services for free promotion of Instagram followers

You can get your first thousand followers on Instagram using free programs. There are three popular services.


The most popular site works on the principle of the exchange. You need to complete tasks – subscribe, like or leave a comment. For this, points are awarded that can be spent on attracting followers. But points can also be bought for money if there is no desire to spend time on tasks.


Another exchange where special points act as the internal currency. Points can be earned either by completing tasks, or you can buy them for money, and then spend them on promoting your own accounts.


Mutual subscription service that attracts followers from all over the world. It is worth being prepared that about a third will unsubscribe in two weeks, but the rest will be delayed.

In exchanges, you should not spend coins only on fake subscribers. It is better to create tasks and put likes. A good (but adequate!) number of “hearts” will lift the post to the top, and it will already begin to attract real interested people in a natural way.

At first, you should not order a lot of subscriptions – 10-20 per day is enough. When the profile grows up, you can speed up the pace. In the wrapping, the saying “Move quietly – you will continue” is more relevant than ever.

You should not download unverified applications to your phone that promise quick earnings and promotion. Many of them are scammers who steal accounts or money. 

10 popular and relatively safe services for boosting Instagram


A young service that has established itself as a reliable supplier of Instagram followers. TapLike offers low prices for cheating, technical support, a user-friendly interface, and fast order execution. An order can be made without registration, and you can pay in any convenient way.


The price of subscribers is from 0.1 rubles. These are probably the lowest prices in RuNet and the best price/quality ratio. Live people subscribe, and undergo a preliminary check so that everyone has avatars, a description about themselves, and several published posts. Please note that this price is available only after registration. But registration takes 20 seconds, you can even specify the left mail. Tested by ourselves, the service is safe and reliable.


The service offers different tariffs with a guarantee – from 0.24 rubles per subscriber (multi-lingual followers), – and a premium tariff, where you can buy a Russian-speaking subscriber from 0.50 rubles.

Also, at the time of writing, a new service is being tested – subscribers with activity at a price of 1.01 rubles. The peculiarity is that 10-15% of your audience will be active in the form of likes and comments, with a guarantee of 1 month.


A professional service for those who care about attracting live and interested subscribers. The growth is smooth, and along with the number of subscribers, other activity in the profile also grows – likes, comments, views of stories, etc.

There are all the main functions: mass following, mass liking, auto direct, commenting, liking subscribers’ comments – everything to attract a lively interested audience. The first three days are available for 1 rub, then the cost is 690 rub/month.


A large number of different tariffs for any social network at affordable prices and with quality that is constantly monitored by the creators of the service. For Instagram, a range of tariffs for cheating is presented: likes, subscribers, likes on comments, views of stories, reels, and TV, and cheating of comments.

Some Benefits of Bestlike:

A reliable service with convenient functionality and the ability to quickly order without registration, registered users will receive a pleasant bonus in the form of free activity every day.


An old and proven Instagram promotion service that offers both bots and live followers. Good for quick account promotion.

The advantages of Socelin include a user-friendly interface, high speed, and reasonable prices for services.


Service for cheating Instagram, for using the services of which the risk of a ban is small. This is a comprehensive promotion service that can not only attract subscribers, but also manage posting, conduct direct mailings, monitor statistics and conduct analytics, and track comments. You can test Bridgit for free, and then the minimum payment will be 490 rubles/month.


Semi-automatic wrapping service. What does it mean? The program selects accounts with the target audience according to the specified filters. Then you need to manually select the appropriate pages and subscribe to them.

SocialHammer automatically monitors the limits. During the subscription, third-party software is not used. Speed ​​is natural. Instagram simply will not have a reason to ban it. Of course, the promotion will go slowly, but safely.

The cost of the program is 24 rubles per day, with a daily write-off of funds. You can stop using the services without losing paid days.


The Instrapromo promotion service has been operating for more than three years and provides all the opportunities to attract followers:

  • Mass liking;
  • Mass following;
  • Mass commenting;
  • Mass looking;
  • Posting;
  • Mailing to Direct;
  • Auto-commenting and other options.

Instapromo imitates the actions of a real user, and counts the conversion, the total number of likes, subscribers/unsubscribers, etc. It costs from 790 rubles per month, there is a three-day trial period.

PROMOTION offers cheap promotion by bots of all indicators that are on Instagram. For example, 1000 followers will cost 99 rubles, and 1000 likes – from 19 rubles. Actions from live users will cost much more.


Another service with not the lowest, but not the highest rates. The functionality is the same as everyone else, plus there is deferred posting. They work with live subscribers, and if you set up safe limits, the risk of a ban is minimal. Price – from 790 rubles/month, three days for free.


On PRtut you can buy followers, likes, views, and comments on Instagram and other social networks. networks. The service offers both bots and live followers, but it is better not to abuse the purchase of bots.

So, the 10 programs listed above are enough to choose the right one for cheating subscribers. There are many more such services, and not all of them are of high quality. Some are actually scammers. We advise you to carefully approach the choice of a cheat program.

Mass following, mass liking and mass looking

Mass following is an automatic subscription of your page to the accounts of a potential target audience. Mass liking is putting likes. Users are interested in who liked them and go to the profile. If he is interested, they will subscribe to him.

It is worth noting that by 2023, users are tired of being subscribed and liked by strangers. Less and less often they go to the profile and even less often subscribe. Mass following and mass liking have lost their former effectiveness, but are still suitable for promoting small accounts.

Masslooking – viewing stories – was the least boring. He showed up about a year ago. There is also a limit here – no more than 15 thousand. But it can be bypassed.

Masslooking is good because the promotion goes to real people. Online stores post stories much less often, while bots and offers almost never do.

Account owners with thousands of followers will not see who has visited their stories. And those who have few followers are more likely to be interested.

For mass following, mass liking, and mass looking, various services and programs are used. These are “gray” methods of cheating, for the use of which Instagram has the right to block the account. But if you do not strive to get the fastest possible result, the risk of a ban is minimal.

Cheat without a mass following

Since the effectiveness of cheating by gray methods (that is, those listed above) has noticeably decreased, more complex ways to attract live followers have come to the fore. In addition to full-fledged promotion (advertising from bloggers or targets), there are services that offer live subscribers without a mass following. The most popular of them is SocLike.

Sotslike has two tariffs – regular and VIP. The first – this is cheating with the help of MF. In the VIP tariff, subscribers are attracted by the advertising network of partner profiles. The growth is natural, which eliminates the risk of a ban.

Possible consequences of cheating on Instagram

The number of followers on Instagram is an important indicator of the quality of an account. A large number of participants is important for:

  • Increasing the cost of advertising. The more popular the account, the more expensive you can sell ads in it. For monetization, at least 5 thousand people are needed.
  • Increase the target audience for the subsequent sale of goods/services. Here, it is not the quantity, but the quality of subscribers that comes to the fore.
  • Easier growth of participants. No one wants to subscribe to an empty account.

In 2023, Instagram easily finds fakes, deletes, and bans the accounts that bought them. Initially, it is better to collect at least offers – accounts created to complete tasks in order to earn money. These are not bots, so the risk of a ban is noticeably lower.

You should not get involved in cheating, especially if you are selling something. She can recruit several thousand people, but then you will have to use the white methods of Instagram promotion.

The main disadvantages of cheating:

  • Low activity. For example, you have 10 thousand subscribers, but there are no comments, and there are few likes. Because of this, the ER (engagement level) is small and the service will not boost your posts in the news feed.
  • The photo service will show posts not for the target audience, and it will be problematic to access it.
  • If you later want to run targeted ads, they will be shown as fakes. And this is already draining the advertising budget.
  • Well, the biggest disadvantage is: offers and bots will buy nothing, which means that a business account is useless.

You need to use cheat services wisely and carefully. Let’s see what you need to know about it.

Preparing for wrapping

It makes no sense to attract fake followers to an unprepared account. It is important to make it more or less attractive so that people are interested in it. What is needed for this?

Complete your profile in detail

  • Create an attractive avatar. If you are a blogger or individual entrepreneur, it is better to put your face, as there is more trust in a living person. The photo should be simple, without small elements.
  •  Briefly, but to the point, without vague wording, describe what you do. Use emoticons to make it easier to read.
  • Use the keyword in your profile name or nickname. They are indexed by search engines.
  • Publish at least 10 posts so that the public understands what the page is about.
  • Come up with a unique hashtag that can be used to track your posts.

Analyze target audience and competitors

To interest people, it is important to understand what to offer them. Go through the accounts of competitors. Look:

  • which posts get the most likes and comments;
  • what questions users ask, what they agree and disagree with;
  • how often posts are posted;
  • how account holders interact with followers.

Make a content plan

After analyzing the target audience, if, of course, you carefully approached it, you will have a lot of ideas about the content. Make a monthly posting schedule. So you can publish posts regularly, and the account will become alive, which means there will be more chances for active growth of subscribers.

Get your first subscribers

If a profile has 10-30 subscriptions, there is little trust in it. It is necessary to gather at least a few hundred people, preferably by hand. Why manually? For accounts under 6 months old, the service looks at it very carefully. Any hint of cheating will result in a ban.

To attract the first 2-4 hundred subscribers, you can use the following methods:

  • Ask your friends and acquaintances to subscribe.
  •  If you have a website, put an icon with a link to your account.
  •  Notify people by mailing list.
  • Manually subscribe to those who seem to you the target audience. This process is not fast, but several dozen people can be gathered in a week.
  • Comment on posts in the accounts of competitors or from a related area. It shouldn’t be an advertisement. The reasoned answer, advice, personal experience, etc. Those who like the answer are likely to go to the page.

When the first 200-400 people are recruited, you can switch to automatic promotion. But it’s important to be aware of the limitations.

Instagram limits

Every year, the photo service tightened the screws on gray methods of promotion. If earlier he published limits, the excess of which is followed by sanctions, but now he does not.

Owners of young accounts (up to 6 months) can focus on the following figures: the total number of subscriptions/unsubscribes, likes, and comments – 30 per hour, per day – 720.

It is important to focus on the indicators per hour. If you follow 20 people, you can only unfollow 10.

It is worth remembering that these figures are approximate. It is best not to get close to these values.

When the account is at least a couple of months old, the close attention of the service will weaken a little, and you can use automatic cheat methods.

How to get followers on Instagram without cheating

Instagram’s ranking algorithm takes into account likes, comments, and shares. This means that the audience must be alive, which is quite difficult to attract by cheating. We will tell you the ways that will help you get interested subscribers, but briefly. This topic needs a separate article.

Targeted advertising

An effective but expensive way. But if you set up your ads correctly, you can attract a really active audience that will increase the level of interaction, as well as make purchases. The effectiveness will depend on the quality of the content and the settings of the advertising campaign.


Blogger advertising is just as effective, but it can be expensive and even very expensive. In addition, there is a chance to run into an unscrupulous person. For example, he may not release a post at the appointed time, write a weak promotional text, or, if you gave him the text, use it to advertise another profile.

Promotions, contests

Not the most effective strategy, as such promotions attract the attention of “prizes”. A significant part will unsubscribe, but a part will remain.


You can negotiate with novice bloggers about the mutual mention. So you can exchange an audience for free.

Viral content

This method is without any guarantees since not every content will become a virus. You need to come up with something really useful, interesting, or funny to make it go away. But if it shoots, the recoil will be amazing.

Leaving comments

We wrote about it above. Useful answers in a promoted profile allow you to create the image of an expert and collect people for free. Do not miss the opportunity to leave a comment under your post if you have been asked a question or shared an opinion. This method can be used constantly, but, of course, it will take time.

Among the white methods of promotion, one cannot say which is better. Different niches have different methods. You can try them all to choose a working one.


So, cheating followers on Instagram in 2023 cannot be called a safe and effective way to promote your account. It will be most useful for bloggers who do not need to sell anything. For commercial profiles, the quality of followers is important, and cheating at first will only help make the acc not so sad.

When resorting to cheating, remember:

  • Choose your program carefully. Unscrupulous services will lead to loss of money and a ban.
  • Do not try to reach a large audience as quickly as possible. Remember about the limits: less is better, but stable and safe.
  • Regularly post interesting target audience content. If the posts are rarely published, they will be of poor quality and/or without a normal photo, live people will not be attracted. Remember about delayed posting services.
  • From time to time, clean your account from inactive followers, but follow the limits – remove 50-100 inactive people per day.

Promoting an account on Instagram is long and difficult. But if you approach the matter wisely, the efforts will not be in vain. As soon as funds appear, they should be invested in paid promotion using white methods – this will go even faster. And finally, watch the video on how to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram:

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