How To Get Old Duolingo Back For Free [2023]

In this guide, we’ll show you a great workaround on how to get old Duolingo Back interface. There is a popular saying: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately, not many in the technical field respect this statement. Over the past few months, we’ve seen many instances where a publisher/developer has implemented massive changes to what they see fit, whether it’s in sync with user requirements or not.

After all, once an application is anchored in its domain, it is in a better position to make changes according to its whims and fantasies, thus leaving the user’s opinion aside just because they can “afford it”. Consider the case of Duolingo. There is no denying the fact that this is perhaps the best app for learning foreign languages.

One of the main reasons for its fame was its impressive tree-like user interface, which gave the user complete control over what lesson they wanted to learn at any given time. Giving the user that much freedom was hard to digest, however, and consequently, in just one update, Duolingo has probably launched one of the worst UI changes seen in years on any app for that matter.

He’s updated his app with a new Path UI, and no matter how hard he tries to justify the reasons behind this rollout, it just doesn’t add up for us. One of the biggest drawbacks of this update is the fact that you can no longer choose the lesson of your choice, instead, you will have to follow the path that Duolingo thinks is best for you.

To make matters worse, many users even lost all their progress after installing this update. So many users end up asking the same question – is there a way out? Well, there is a great workaround that can help you bring back the old Duolingo tree interface. So, without further ado, let’s check it out.

How To Get Old Duolingo Back

It is recommended that you try each of the workarounds listed below and then see which one brings you success. So, with that in mind, let’s get started.

Using The School Hack

  1. Head to and create a new class
  2. Then use the class code in the mobile app.
  3. It might give you an error at first, but try a couple more times and you should be fine.
  4. Now switch to a good mode in the school interface. That’s all.

Downgrade Duolingo

UPDATE: This workaround no longer works

  1. Go to Settings > Apps and select the Duolingo app from the list.
  2. Then click Remove > OK. Currently, download the old version of this app.
  3. Then run the APK and install it. After that, launch the Play Store.
  4. Now find Duolingo, tap the overflow icon, and uncheck “Enable Automatic Updates”.

That’s all. These were two workarounds that should help you bring back the old Duolingo tree interface. We’d love to hear your feedback on this unwanted change made by Duolingo. Leave them in the comment section below and make your voices heard. Speaking of which, there is also a current section regarding this, so be sure to cast your vote there as well.

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