How To Loop a Video On Android Device For Free [2023]


To begin with, it is worth understanding the concept of “looping”. The fact is that it is technically impossible to implement an endless repetition in the video file itself. You can loop playback only in the player – in most programs this is easily done using the characteristic arrow button. In this article, you’ll learn how to loop a video on Android device.

Therefore, all existing tools and services loop video in one of three ways:

  • Duplication of content and gluing into one file – the video will be repeated a specified number of times and stop;
  • Looping on the service side – the video is endlessly spinning in the player embedded on pages and messengers;
  • Converting to GIF – turning into an animation gives a full loop, but removes the sound and makes the file very large.

Which option to choose depends on the specific situation and the result you want to get.


  • Processing type: duplication, conversion to GIF.
  • Watermark: yes.
  • Price: free.

A functional video editing service, in addition to trimming, gluing, and other operations, can loop videos in various ways. Works equally well on both computers and smartphones.

how to loop a video: Clideo

Upload video from the device, cloud, or direct link.

loop video online: select number of repeats

Specify whether to change the video format, select the number of times to repeat (infinity is a GIF), and click Loop.

In a few seconds, everything will be ready, and all that remains is to click Download to save the video on disk or in the cloud.


  • Processing type: duplication, embedding with code, converting to GIF.
  • Watermark: no (after linking the social network).
  • Price: free.

Another convenient online video editor that allows you to quickly process the uploaded video. Kapwing duplicates the video by adding 2 to 10 repetitions. The service also provides an embed code for embedding on pages.

how to loop a video: Kapwing

Add a file via the Upload menu or via a link.

Choose how many times the video will repeat and click Create! If necessary, you can pre-trim the video using the Trim video button.

Click Download or Embed

After processing, click Download to download or Embed to get the embed code. You can immediately share the video on social networks.


  • Processing type: embedding by code.
  • Watermark: yes.
  • Price: free.

A well-known service and application of the same name for creating looped videos. Does exactly what we need, additionally allowing you to remove or replace the audio track. You can embed the video on the page or share a link to it.

Click the Create Coub button.

Paste the link to the video or download it from disk.

how to loop a video: select the desired fragment

Select the desired fragment, make sure the Loop option is enabled, and add or disable the sound if necessary. Click “Next”.

Give the Coub a name and click Next.

looped video online

After processing, the video can be embedded via embed code or shared on social networks.


  • Processing Type: Convert to GIF.
  • Watermark: no.
  • Price: free.

One of the most convenient online animation processing tools. ezGIF can do anything you can think of with GIFs. Including creating them from videos of almost any format.

Upload the video from the device memory or via a direct link from the Internet and click Upload video!

loop video online: click Convert to GIF!

If the video needs to be trimmed, specify the start and end in seconds or use the Use current position buttons to start playback in the player. Click Convert to GIF!

After a few seconds, a GIF will appear on the page a little lower, which is easy to save by clicking Save. If the animation size is too large, you can pre-optimize using the Optimize button.

YouTube playlist

  • Processing type: playlist repeat.
  • Watermark: no.
  • Price: free.

If you need to loop the playback of a YouTube video, such as a clip you like, it is convenient to use the repeat function by creating a playlist with a single video. It is done like this.

Open the desired video and click "Save" how to loop video online

Open the desired video, click “Save” and select “Edit”.

Next, click on the “New playlist” button, create it, and go to the “Library” tab.

Find and launch the playlist you created, then open the video list and click the repeat button.

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