How To Make Davinci Resolve Run Faster For Free [2023]

If your computer experiences problems and starts to freeze during editing and coloring, then this does not reflect very well on the work itself and your condition. Learn how to make Davinci Resolve run faster on your device by following a simple guide.

We have collected tips for fixing lags for you!

1. Optimize Media Settings

Go to Settings and go to the Master Settings Tab. Open Optimized Media and set it to DNxHR SQ if you’re on Windows and ProRes 422 LT if you’re editing on a Mac.

2. Optimize The Render Cache

We do all the same actions as in the first paragraph, only in the Settings tab do we open the Render Cache. We set the same parameters.

It’s also worth making sure that you have a tick on “Enable background caching after seconds”. Set the time interval to 1 second and click OK.

3. Go To The “Playback” Menu

We find there the function “Use optimized media if available” and put a tick. We immediately find the Render Cache function and rearrange it from “None” to “User”.

With these steps, you optimize each frame and the editing will go faster. So don’t forget to save this post and like it.

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