How To Make Your Bereal Public For Free [2023]

BeReal, a photo-sharing app, proposes to become a social network where the user only shares one image per day on a separate schedule set by the platform itself. This unfiltered live image disappears as soon as a new post alert is triggered, and in addition to showing what the person is looking at with the rear camera, it also records their own image with the front camera.

Launched in 2020, BeReal (available for iOS and Android) reached popularity in 2022, going against the grain of most apps in the genre and presenting itself as a more “real” platform where the user records the moment they are. located. live, without editing.

In practice, the application works like this: every day at an arbitrary time, the user receives a notification that he is ready for publication. From now on, you can open Be Real, hit the publish button, and take a photo, giving yourself two minutes to click. If you give up on your first attempt and make others, the number of times is recorded on the image and can be viewed by other people.

Finally, after posting, you can view and react to photos clicked by your friends (added with approval) as well as public photos posted in the app’s Discover tab. The next day at a new time, a new notification arrives from the platform and everything starts all over again.

How BeReal Differs From Instagram

While BeReal and Instagram are both photo-sharing apps, their interface, navigation, and offerings are very different.

In BeReal, for example, there are no public profiles with published photos: any image posted by an account only appears in your friends’ feed (or publicly, if the person so chooses), and the image disappears the day after the release of the new platform. notification. In addition, the photo must be tapped on the app’s camera within the stipulated two minutes, and you cannot edit or apply any filters.

Another point that distinguishes the Instagram network is that it has no followers, but friends. This means that when you add or confirm someone’s order, both accounts start following each other, a number that is not shown to anyone. Finally, it is also worth mentioning that, despite the interaction, like on Instagram, BeReal does not have likes, but only the so-called RealMoji, selfies of the user himself that mimic the reaction of emoji. A girl takes a photo with her mobile phone (Image: Pexels / Photo by Tim Samuel)

Who Can Use BeReal?

Anyone over the age of 13 who has an iOS or Android device can create an account and have fun on the platform. However, BeReal cautions that, depending on their country of residence, teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16 may need permission from their legal guardians.

What Happens If I Don’t Post Within Two Minutes?

If at the moment the platform sent a notification that you do not want or cannot publish, there is no problem. At any time, just open the app and press the button to take a photo. Only after that, you will have two minutes to register, but be aware that the image will show how many hours of delay were made.

How Is The Interaction On The Platform

The BeReal application uses the so-called RealMoji for users to interact with it. These icons are nothing more than a representation of a specific emoji (thumbs up, happy, amazed, crying with laughter, or in love) in a selfie format. By creating these images, the person is left with a set of stickers that they can use to react to the images they see on the social network.

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How To Hide Your Face In Posts

Officially, there is no way to post an image without a photo from the front camera of the phone. However, since the photo of what the person sees is first clicked, and only the next second is their portrait taken, the user can cover their face or point the camera elsewhere.

However, it’s worth noting that it’s possible to instantly view a photo of yourself or someone else without taking a selfie. To do this, simply click anywhere in the photo and hold your finger. Also, if you want to see a selfie instead of a photo from the rear camera, tap your face or the face in question to reposition the images.

What Are BeReal “Memories”

Even if the photo posted on BeReal disappears the next day, the user has access to record their own posted photos, visible only to him. The images are saved in the personal section of the profile, in a frame called “Your Memories” and appear on the calendar with a note of the day they were clicked.

Does BeReal have a feed?

Yes, after posting their photo of the day, the user gets access to a feed with photos posted by their friends and a second feed called Discovery, which has photos posted by other accounts on the platform. However, BeReal does not have a public account profile containing your old photos or your current post. For example, when you click on a person’s icon, only their link to the platform and a button to add them are displayed.

Is it possible to cheat posts?

Users of the app can even allow it to post after a notification, or repeat the photo multiple times to make it “look good” (for two minutes), but the image records both the time taken and the number of attempts. Also, in fact, there is no way to edit a photo before publishing it, or even download an image from the gallery by clicking on photos in real-time and without editing.

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