How To Open PMD File On Your PC For Free [2023]


An unknown file extension can be a source of various problems. However, identifying the causes of problems with PMD files and eliminating them is not a difficult process. This article will describe how to open PMD files on your PC in 5 simple steps that will enable you to solve problems with PMD files.

How to open PMD file?

Step 1: Find and download and install the appropriate software

Usually for opening PMD files, just follows these simple steps: find, download, and install the appropriate software. Then, by double-clicking the file icon, open the file. The system should automatically associate the PMD file with the appropriate software. The following is a list of programs required to open files with the PMD extension:

Programs that support PMD files


  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe PageMaker


  • Adobe PageMaker

Step 2: Make sure the PMD file is not infected with malware

If this file with PMD extension is not infected, it is possible that your anti-virus program is blocking access to the file. The user must take the necessary precautions and follow the actions suggested by the system. After restoring or deleting an infected file, it is recommended to scan the entire system for viruses. You will need to purchase a new, clean version of the PMD file.


Keep in mind that you can always ask an IT professional for help. Some problems with PMD files may be difficult to resolve for less experienced users. You can also ask one of the developers of software that supports files with the PMD extension for help. To do this, go to the software subpage and find the website address of the software developer.

Step 3: Make sure the PMD files are complete, i.e. they have been downloaded correctly

If the PMD file has not been downloaded properly, the software will not be able to open such a file. Check the file size at the location where you downloaded the desired file. If the size of the original file is different from the size of the downloaded PMD file, you will have to download the file again.

Step 4: Make Sure the PMD Files Are Associated With the Right Software

If there is no entry in the system registry associated with a default program that should be used to open PMD files, even if the given program is installed on the system, then PMD files must be associated with the application in question.

Associating files with applications is done in the same way, regardless of the type of system, and consists in choosing the application that should be used to open files of this type. To associate PMD files with this application, right-click the file icon and select Open with from the context menu, which will display a list of suggested programs.

Select your program from the list. If the application is not listed, use the Browse button and specify the location of the application. If the “Always use the selected application to open this type of file” check box is selected, the selected application will be set as the default application to open the specified files.

Step 5: Make sure the media where the PMD files are stored is not damaged or damaged

It is possible that the media on which the file is located is damaged or corrupted. Try scanning the media for errors.

Similar file extensions

  • PMA: Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor Data
  • PM$: Pegasus Mail Temporary
  • PMR: Avid Persistent Media Record Format
  • PMPD: Panasonic Camcorder Extra
  • PM?: Page Maker Document
  • PMLZ: Zipped Palm Markup Language Format
  • PMB: Polar Uplink Tool Bitmap
  • PME: Pegasus Mail Filter Rule Formats

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