How To Record Streaming Video On Smart TV For Free [2023]

A few years ago, the answer to the question: “How To Record Streaming Video On Smart TV: “No way.” In recent years, the situation has changed. Many users purchase new devices that support the option of capturing video with the ability to stream to external digital storage. And you can record programs and movies without extraneous devices and the presence of a computer. This is very convenient if a couple of important matches or programs are being broadcast at the same time, or urgent matters do not allow you to be distracted by watching TV.

Learn in detail how to burn a movie from a TV to a USB flash drive correctly and independently

First of all, you need to find out if you can write to a USB flash drive from the TV you are using.

Do All Devices Support Video Capture?

Not every television receiver allows you to record the broadcast. Conventional devices do not have this feature. It is implemented only in equipment manufactured using smart television technology – Smart TV. True, not all such devices have the ability to capture broadcast audio and video streams for storage on external media. You can find out if grabbing is supported by your device from its user manual.

Many providers transmit the data stream in unencrypted form, and other owners of satellite dishes can intercept this stream.

What Kind Of USB Stick Do You Need?

If it turned out that the TV receiver supports cable or digital TV capture, before you learn how to record to a USB flash drive from a TV, you need to prepare the storage medium itself. To avoid problems when the device is not detected or the recorded video file does not play or plays without sound, the flash drive should be no larger than 4 GB. It must be formatted in the FAT32 file system before use.

IMPORTANT. Unfortunately, in this way, it will not be possible to download videos larger than 4 GB to removable media, but it’s better than nothing.

It is best to change the file system on a computer, although most TV receivers will do this themselves before recording streaming video.

Before starting the process, format the drive in the FAT32 file system

How To Record Streaming Video On Smart TV

The recording is carried out on a USB flash drive from a TV according to a single principle, although graphically on different models of receivers, the process may differ in the name of menu items and functions.

In some devices, you will have to call the “Schedule Manager”, specify the channel from which the video will be robbed, the date, time, and duration or start and end times of the recording, and also specify the schedule (frequency of repeating the operation or one-time operation).

In other cases, for example, on Samsung UE40F6540ABb, capture is done through the menu item “Multimedia” or “Photos, videos, music”. It contains the Recorded TV application. After clicking, we confirm the formatting of the USB drive and specify the operation parameters. If the broadcast is in digital format or via cable, the content will be recorded, analog TV is not supported.

In order to learn more about how to record a transmission from a TV of your particular model to a USB flash drive, if it is new and endowed with the appropriate function, use the instruction manual for the television receiver.

As you can see, everything is simple, as long as the device supports the appropriate technology.

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