How To Remove Fingerprint Lock From WhatsApp Android [2023]

How to remove fingerprint lock from WhatsApp Android? A very convenient option for those who want to protect their correspondence – so it’s time to learn more about it!

On Android

This feature is only available on Android devices running version 6.0 or later that have a scanner and support for the Google Fingerprint API.

This feature is not supported on Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phones.

Ready to figure out how to put a fingerprint on WhatsApp? Let’s get started!

  • Open the messenger, click on the three dots at the top right;
  • Go to settings and open the “Account” section ;
  • Find the tab “Privacy”, inside, there is a parameter “Lock …” ;
  • Turn on the option “Unblock with …” ;
  • Touch the scanner to set the function optimally.


Here you can also select the time after which unlocking will be required and enable/disable the option to view the contents of notifications even on a blocked messenger.


And now about how to take a fingerprint to unlock WhatsApp, if you no longer need such protection:

  • Click on the three dots again and go to the settings, look for the tab “Account” ;
  • We enter the “Privacy” section and find the blocking option;
  • Select the value “Disable” for the parameter “Unlock with …”

Remember, to use this feature, you must first enable it in your phone’s settings.

On iPhone

The situation is a little different on iOS smartphones, but the instructions are simple, you will figure it out!

By the way, on phones with Face ID support, you can unlock it through face scanning.

  • Enter the application and click on the settings gear on the bottom panel;
  • Go to the “Account” section ;
  • Find the tab “Privacy”, then – “Screen lock” ;
  • Enable the “Require Touch ID” option ;
  • Select the time during which the messenger will be in standby mode.

How to unlock WhatsApp without a fingerprint if the scanner for some reason does not perceive you? Just enter the passcode, that’s enough! You don’t have to confirm the fingerprint, the system uses the data that you have already added to the smartphone’s memory through its settings.


Now about how to remove a fingerprint from WhatsApp if you are tired of the option:

  • Enter the program, click on the gear at the bottom right;
  • Open the “Account” section, then “Privacy”;
  • In the “Lock screen” option, turn off the “Require Touch ID” option.

Were you able to enable and disable the fingerprint scanner in WhatsApp? Try it right now, or better yet, save our instructions to your bookmarks! Will definitely come in handy.

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