How To Set Different Ringtone For Different Sim For Free [2023]

The article below provides a guide on how to set different ringtone for different sim. The presence of two SIM cards is a feature of smartphones running on Android. For example, Apple iPhones do not have such a feature and, apparently, it is not expected. For some users, the ability to use two SIM cards is not a requirement, but for most it is vital. Imagine that you have only one phone and two numbers – one personal, the other for work.

Or you will have to carry two phones with you or purchase one phone that supports 2 SIM cards. If you are the owner of a dual-sim phone, then you probably want to determine which SIM card (numbers) are calling you from, and the easiest way to determine who is to put your own ringtone or melody on each SIM card. Therefore, it is important for you to learn how to set different ringtone for Different Sim.

Android has a built-in function so that you can put your call on each SIM card. On some phones, depending on which version of Android your device is running, you will have to dig into the settings, but in most cases, this feature is available in the sound settings.

How To Set Different Ringtone For Different Sim

Open Settings and go to Sound. If you have sound and notifications, then go there. Here, look for the function Set ringtone for each SIM card. And again, due to the fact that there are so many different phones in the world, and they all work on different versions of Android, you may not find a function with this name. You might just find a Set ringtone or ringtone for Sim1 and for Sim2 instead.

In the most rare cases, the Set ringtone for each SIM card function may not be in the Sound tab. Therefore, look for the Sim tab or search among the options in the settings. Android phone manufacturers often tweak Android slightly, add built-in apps, and then sell the phone. Because of this, the settings are slightly modified. If you still cannot find this option, then use the search function in Settings.

What If The Phone Is Locked By The Manufacturer

Sometimes it happens that the phone manufacturer has made it so that you cannot use 2 SIM cards from different mobile operators (yes, this happens) and it may be hard to know how to set different Ringtone For Different Sim. If you have such a phone, then you can make calls from different operators, but you can’t install different melodies, or you can’t make other modifications. Make sure you have both SIM cards in your phone and they are working before trying different ringtones for each SIM card.

There are many applications in the Play Store, the creators of which claim that they will help you set different ringtones or ringtones on different SIM cards. But in fact, you don’t really need them, just as you don’t need to get root rights, because this is a built-in function and it’s better to avoid all sorts of third-party applications to install different ringtones on different SIM cards.

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