How To Set Up Better DS3 [2023]

Learn how to set up better DS3. A very beautiful and dynamic game. However, comfort and aesthetic pleasure from the passage largely depend on the graphics settings of Dark Souls 3. The parameters should be set based on the power of the gaming machine.

Playing at maximum settings will allow the player to get the most pleasure from passing. Landscapes in Dark Souls 3 are drawn of very high quality, and monsters and friendly characters amaze with their realism. However, to play at maximum settings, you need powerful hardware. The fact is that compared to previous versions, the system requirements have increased greatly. Now for a comfortable game, you need 8 GB. RAM for the game and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics card.

If the gaming machine does not meet these requirements, then the FPS may drop significantly, which will lead to lags and freezes. In the game Dark Souls 3, this is unacceptable. Any mob will send a breaking character to the fire. If the player feels that the game is stuttering, it is better to sacrifice the beauty of the scenery in favor of playability by lowering the settings.

The minimum settings of how to set up better DS3 are suitable for owners of weak cars. They will increase the FPS and increase the comfort of passing. Despite this, the graphics of Dark Souls 3 still remain on top. The player will still be able to enjoy the magnificent landscapes, which will not lose much in beauty from lower graphics.

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