How To Use Dual Whatsapp In iPhone For Free [2023]

If you have used Android smartphones, then you know that they support app cloning. This is done so that a user who has several SIM cards can easily activate instant messengers for each of them. This article will explain how to use dual Whatsapp in iPhone For example, it is very convenient to clone WhatsApp in this way.

When you create a copy of the application, it creates exactly the same shortcut as a regular program, but with a small icon by which you can determine that you are using the application for the second number. But on iOS, there is no such possibility, although support for two SIM cards has been around for a very long time, since 2018. I hope that support for multiple accounts will someday appear in WhatsApp.

Therefore, many iPhone users who use two numbers in their smartphone are forced to be content with only one WhatsApp or other necessary applications that are tied to a phone number. But we found a way out of the situation. We tell you how to install a second WhatsApp on iPhone.

How To Make Two Whatsapps On iPhone

In fact, such a problem would not exist if the developers made it possible to use one application for several accounts. This has been implemented in Telegram for a long time and allows you to combine personal and work numbers with great convenience without the need to create application clones and look for some other crutches to activate the messenger on both SIM cards.

Third-party applications even have similar icons, but do not differ in quality.

But even if the developers of WhatsApp do not want to do this, it is not clear why Apple has not done app cloning so far. There is nothing fundamentally complicated in this approach, but it will definitely add convenience to users. Apparently, in Cupertino, they believe that some basic things must necessarily cause suffering for iPhone users.

Since it is impossible to create copies of applications on an iPhone, we will have to use another application. Someone downloads various third-party clients for this. But I wouldn’t take that risk. It is not known what data they collect and where your correspondence may leak. Plus, the quality and stability of most of them raise big questions. Agree that it is unpleasant if the messenger regularly crashes or does not send what is needed.

Let’s rephrase the classics: “We don’t need such software.” Therefore, we will use an application from the developers of WhatsApp itself called WhatsApp Business. Yes, you didn’t think so. We will use WhatsApp for companies. I tested this method on myself, and they can say for sure that an ordinary individual can easily register in it and use it for their own purposes. And it turns out that for one number you will use regular WhatsApp and for the other – WhatsApp Business. This is done as follows:

  • Download the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business apps from the App Store to your smartphone. Authorization in WhatsApp Business is no different from regular WhatsApp.
  • Open WhatsApp Business and sign in with your second number.
  • If you’re already using regular WhatsApp, you’ll be prompted to port your number to WhatsApp Business. Click “Use another number” to skip the transfer.
  • After entering the confirmation code, you will be redirected to the company profile. Instead of the company name, you can enter your name, and in the field “Type of activity”, select “Other”.
  • Grant the app access to your contacts if necessary.
  • If you have not set up a regular WhatsApp, then log into it in the same way as in Business. You will be prompted to use a phone number from WhatsApp Business. Click “Use another number” to skip the transfer.
  • Fill out your profile and, if necessary, allow access to contacts.

Correspondence between their numbers.

Now both applications work, and you can start chatting with two numbers. You can even chat between your two numbers. When I tested the performance of this method, this is exactly what I did. For those who care that WhatsApp is tied to each of the numbers on the iPhone, there is now a way out. And you no longer need to carry another phone with you.

WhatsApp Web On Phone

But what if there is a need for three accounts? In this case, there is also a way out. True, it is not very convenient and is associated with crutches, but nevertheless it can be used. To do this, you need any smartphone with WhatsApp already installed and authorized:

The web version does not look very convenient, but in general, you can use it.

  • Download the Google Chrome browser on your iPhone and go through it to the web version of WhatsApp.
  • Click on the three dots in the bottom right corner and select “PC Version”.
  • On the second smartphone, open WhatsApp, and through the connected devices scan the QR code on the iPhone screen.

After that, WhatsApp will open in the browser. True, the interface will not be very convenient due to the fact that the computer version narrows to the iPhone screen. But if you really need to have three accounts on your smartphone at once, then this will be a completely workable solution. Notifications, of course, do not reach you in this case, but you can periodically refresh the page to see new messages. Unfortunately, this method does not work in Safari. My browser categorically refused to open the full version of the site and I had to use Google Chrome.

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