SysPrep Windows 7 Download For Free 32 & 64-bit [2023]


SysPrep Windows 7 Download is a software tool for system administrators that makes it easy to work with the ever-changing Windows 2000 and Windows XP images used by the Microsoft System Preparation Tool to enumerate system drivers. The program looks for directories containing drivers and loads the list of folders into the system registry at the right address so that SysPrep can then search through these folders.

SysPrep Driver Scanner can be used in two ways: via the GUI and the command line. In the first case, when you start the program, you will see an empty list of folders, and the default extension “inf” and the search directory “C:\sysprep\drivers”. These parameters can be changed via editable input fields. In general, you are unlikely to change the default settings, but there is still such an opportunity for the potential flexibility of the program.

When starting a scan, the program will find all folders and subfolders at the specified path that contain files of the specified resolution and add them to the list. In this list, you can add folders manually (c:\windows\inf, c:\windows), as well as delete them.

After scanning and the final formation of the list, you must click the Save button. With this action, you will force the program to load the entire list into the system registry at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion. The list will be automatically scanned by SysPrep when it starts.

System Information
Size: 462 Kb
Languages: English
Update: 09/06/2017
Version: 2.1.0


SysPrep Windows 7 Download

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