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tally prime free download

Tally Prime Free Download has a wide range of readily available business reports that provide powerful and actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions for your company’s success. Whether it’s commercial relationships, cash, or inventory, these reports can help you manage them all better with very simple discovery and navigation.

Getting started with Tally Prime is a breeze. You may install the application in less than a minute and begin invoicing even faster. It simply does what you expect it to do.

TallyPrime for Windows PC allows you to access company reports from a web browser, wherever you are, and with the assurance that your data is only accessible to you. This includes multiple users and feature-based security levels. TallyVault, an additional layer of protection, provides encryption that no one in the world, including Tally, can crack.

Invoicing and Accounting

It’s simple to create, print and e-mail a professional-looking invoice in a few seconds. Configure additional information in the invoice, add your logo, and more to personalize your invoice as per your preferences.

In-built intelligence to automatically generate different GST invoices like tax invoices, bills of supply, export invoices, etc. What’s more? A fully connected solution to instantly generate e-invoices and e-way bills. Enjoy TallyPrime’s Amazing Invoicing Experience from Tally Solutions.

Inventory Management

If your company has many product lines, you can easily separate them with TallyPrime by setting an unlimited number of groups, categories, batches, and locations/Godowns.

Here are some newly introduced features in Tally –

Insightful Business Reports

TallyPrime has been meticulously engineered to deliver meaningful reports at the rate at which your mind needs information. It is designed to keep all reports ready as soon as transactions are logged, and insights are available exactly when you need them.

Receivable and payable management

To track overdue invoices, TallyPrime automatically generates a unique bill reference for each invoice. All you have to do is track the bill when accepting or making payments, and you’ll be able to easily track and match invoices, as well as learn about pending bills.

Generate e-invoices instantly

Create an e-invoice instantaneously with no changes to your invoicing procedure. With TallyPrime’s completely linked e-invoice solution, you can generate e-invoices automatically and print IRN and QR codes on the invoices without any manual intervention.

Other features

  • voucher entry
  • financial management
  • e payments
  • Allows purchase values to be shown
  • Designed to empower business owners, accountants
  • Has educational mode

Is Tally.ERP 9 the latest version of Tally software?

The latest version of Tally is Tally ERP 9.

How to uninstall TallyPrime from your PC

Tally.Prime can be simply uninstalled by heading to the Tally installation location on your computer.

To uninstall TallyPrime, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to your computer’s Tally.Prime installation folder.

2. Double-click the Setup.exe icon to begin the installation process.

3. In the Tally.Prime Installer, click Uninstall, as shown below:

Notifications in Tally Prime

Tally allows you to enable the SMS feature.

1. Navigate to Tally Gateway > F11: Features > TSS Features.

Make a note of the option To enable TSS Features, set the security control to Yes while starting or editing a firm.

2. Select the Enable SMS Access option.

3. In the field Company name for SMS, enter a brief name for the company. The company’s short name cannot contain more than ten characters.

4. To save, press Enter.

Tally.ERP 9 SMS Configuration

SMS must be configured in Tally.ERP 9 by registering mobile numbers and enabling SMS for the Tally.NET user.

To use SMS, connect the organization to Tally.NET after enrolling the mobile phones that will be querying for information by SMS.

1. Navigate to the Tally Gateway > Ctrl + K. As illustrated below, the Login As Remote Tally.NET User screen appears

2. Enter your e-mail address and password.

Select W: My Profile.

4. In the Salutation field, enter the desired salutation.

5. Type in the name.

If the name is already visible, enter the cellphone number.

6. Fill in the Mobile no(s) field with your phone number. To enter several mobile phone numbers, press Enter to go to the next line.

Save view of a reports

If you frequently resort to your reports for specific specifics, you should definitely store the report for future reference. For example, you maintain track of multiple parties’ payment dues or your internal and outward stock quantities with opening and closing balances.

You might even wish to compare your Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss Statement on a quarterly basis to see how your company is doing.

To view these reports with precise details, you must configure them each time, which might be time-consuming at times. TallyPrime Release 2.0’s Save View function allows you to save a report’s view the way you want it for future reference.

In TallyPrime, you may save your favorite configurations for a report so that you can access the saved view at any time by just opening it. Furthermore, you have the option of saving a view for a particular time frame or even the master reference that is used to launch the report.

Additionally, you can make your chosen view the default view. By using the saved views instead of having to configure the report each time, you can save time.

Recommended System requirements for Tally Prime free download

Processor: 1.8 GHz processor with 64-bit (x64) architecture; Core2 Duo, Dual Core, Core3, Core5, or Core7 processors or higher

RAM: 4 GB and beyond

A hard drive: 150 MB of free space is needed to install the program.

Tally Prime Free Download

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