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Introducing TechSmith SnagIt 2020, the ultimate screen capture and image editing tool for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

With SnagIt, you can easily capture, edit, and share screenshots with a simple click. Install the software and gain access to a wide range of features, including arrows and annotations to enhance your visuals.

Snagit 2020 - Upgrade Today!

Boost your productivity by quickly sharing your creations on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Experience screen capture on another level

Take screen captures of files, programs, windows, documents, and websites.

Capture the attention of users with high-quality visuals.

Seamlessly capture and save YouTube videos.

Capture anything on your desktop with ease.

Share anywhere

Easily share your scrolling screen or entire desktop with just a few clicks.

With screen recording capabilities, you can create engaging training materials or informative videos.

Share your screen captures and recordings effortlessly, whether it’s through email, social media, or cloud storage.

Collaborate with colleagues, provide feedback, or showcase your work to clients and customers.


Additionally, transform images into captivating videos to effectively convey your message.

Experience the convenience of capturing, editing, and sharing your screen anywhere, anytime.

Streamline communication and collaboration with powerful screen-sharing capabilities.

All-in-One Capture

Capture any file, program, window, document, or website effortlessly.

Save time and effort by capturing everything in a click.

No need for multiple tools or complicated processes.

Capture exactly what you need.

Benefits of All-in-One

Seamlessly switch between different capture modes based on your requirements.

Enjoy a streamlined and efficient workflow for capturing various elements on your screen.

Increase productivity and enhance your documentation process with the all-in-one capture feature.

Screen Draw

Enhance your screen captures by drawing attention to important elements.

Add missing annotations and highlight key details with text.

Customize and personalize your visuals with various drawing tools.

Unlock the full potential with a license to access advanced features.

Contribute to a better understanding by visually explaining complex concepts.

Share your knowledge and expertise with clarity and precision.

Keep your visuals up to date with the latest information and edits.

Add additional context

Snagit makes it easy to create videos from images, adding additional context to your visuals.

Enhance your screenshots by transforming them into dynamic videos.

Seamlessly combine multiple images to create engaging video content.

Add transitions, annotations, and captions to provide further context and clarity.

Take your visual communication to the next level with Snagit’s intuitive video creation features.

Text Replace

Text Replace A feature that allows users to quickly replace specific keywords or phrases within a document.

License: Ensure compliance by easily replacing outdated licensing information with just a few clicks.

Talk: Streamline communication by replacing common phrases or acronyms with predefined text snippets.

Region: Customize text based on specific regions or languages, making localization and translation tasks more efficient.

Is there a free version of Snagit?

No, Snagit does not have a free version.

Snagit is a paid software with a free trial period.

The trial allows users to experience Snagit’s features and capabilities.

Snagit offers a range of powerful tools for capturing, editing, and sharing knowledge.

Users can upgrade to the full version for continued access to Snagit’s extensive features and benefits.

How many licenses does Snagit come with?

Snagit comes with a single-user license.

The license allows one user to utilize the full features of Snagit.

It simplifies the process of capturing and sharing knowledge.

Users can capture screenshots, record videos, and create videos from images.

The license enables individuals to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity.

Snagit’s single license offers a comprehensive set of tools for efficient screen capture and sharing.

It provides a cost-effective solution for individuals looking to optimize their screen capture and sharing capabilities.

Enhanced Collaboration Features

Discover how Snagit’s single license facilitates seamless collaboration among team members.

Explore the various ways in which Snagit enables easy sharing and feedback exchange.

Versatile Screen Capture Options

Learn about the diverse screen capture options available within Snagit to cater to different needs.

Dive deeper into Snagit’s flexible capture capabilities beyond basic screenshots.

Integration with Third-Party Tools

Find out how Snagit integrates with popular tools and platforms to further enhance productivity.

Unleash the potential of Snagit by leveraging its compatibility with other software applications.

Customization and Editing Features

Delve into the extensive editing and customization options offered by Snagit.

Discover how Snagit empowers users to annotate, highlight, and personalize their captures.

Advanced Sharing and Publishing Options

Explore the range of sharing and publishing methods provided by Snagit for efficient knowledge dissemination.

Learn about the various channels through which users can distribute their captures for wider reach.

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