Techstream Download Windows 7 32 & 64-bit For Free [2023]

Techstream Download Windows 7 is a special-purpose program that checks and diagnoses car ECUs. In the software, you will test Toyota, Lexus, and Scion cars using the OBD-II protocol.

Techstream is a multifunctional tool that checks the technical condition of vehicles. The program contains many tools that allow you to find faults in cars of different brands.

The software is universal and allows you to scan machines, finding most of the faults and errors through the codes of electronic control units. All data can be saved to a separate file, and during the scanning process, you view the current state of the car.

According to the creators, this software is more functional and shows more technical parameters than the universal utilities  CarProg or  ScanMaster ELM.


In the Techstream GUI, you check the characteristics of the ECU, which are interconnected with the operation of the engine and other vehicle systems. Techstream scans can bus by updating the car’s ECU software and reading error codes.

On some transport models, some features are not displayed after connecting to the program. Certain car brands can be checked with a PassThru J2534 compatible adapter.


Techstream’s graphical interface has been created with a modern design and does not contain unnecessary elements. In the thematic sections of the program, you will use the tools that are responsible for tests with the ECU, as well as their “firmware”. Using these sections, you work with the CAN bus.

The program is also equipped with sections that work with maintenance functions, as well as reference documents for the operation of the vehicle’s ECU. The software has a simple shell that is suitable for inexperienced users.

There is a minus in Techstream – this is the lack of Russian localization on the new version of the software. The old build of the program is available in Russian, and the new one is available in English.

Key Features

  • The program checks for errors with the ECU of Toyota and Lexus cars;
  • The software provides scanning via a PassThru J2534 adapter;
  • This “tool” performs diagnostics and displays data from the CAN bus;
  • The program is equipped with sections for additional features and detailed help for beginners;
  • The software can be installed on OS Windows of different generations;
  • The graphical shell is created simply and conveniently.

Techstream Download Windows 7

Click on the download button below for a free Techstream Download Windows 7.

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