USB Flash Drive Download Windows 7 For Free [2023]

Protect your USB drive from infection

USB Flash Drive Download Windows 7 is a program whose purpose is to detect any virus before it can infect your memory card.

By their very nature, USB drives are prone to infection. You put them in other people’s computers, share them with your friends, and give them to people for your files and downloads, so it’s no surprise that when you use them, there is a risk that they can infect your computer with something nasty.

After installing USB Disk Security, it automatically starts when you insert a USB flash drive. It checks for infections and provides some other features such as a list of programs that automatically run on startup. USB Disk Security has other features such as a USB scan tool and repair options, but they are not available in the trial version.

When minimized, USB Disk Security will sit invisibly in the taskbar. In this menu, you can enable and disable automatic scanning, as well as update the program. The USB Disk Security trial restrictions are a bit disappointing, but the program is so unobtrusive and effective at scanning for newly inserted USB drives that might be worth downloading.

The trial version’s limitations are disappointing, but USB Disk Security is still a good choice for flash drive security.


  • Resident Protection
  • Doesn’t collide with other antiviruses


  • The trial version has serious limitations

Application characteristics

  • License: trial version

  • Version: 6

  • Update date: Jan 17, 2022

  • Platform: Windows

  • OS: Windows 7

  • Language: English

USB Flash Drive Download Windows 7

Click on the download button below for a free USB Flash Drive Download Windows 7.

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