VMware Tools For Windows 7 Download For Free [2023]

VMware Tools For Windows 7 Download is a network platform for organizing a system of virtual desktops (VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), consisting of cloud servers with virtual machines deployed on them (operating systems or individual applications) and client software, which provides remote access to VDI. Such client software also refers to considering the VMware Tools For Windows 7 Download Client program.

By itself, it is distributed free of charge. Paid is access to the computing power on which virtual desktops are deployed. The VMware Horizon platform is intended primarily for use by corporate customers.

What Is VMware Tools For Windows 7 Download And How Do VMware Tools For Windows 7 Download Platform Work?

Virtual desktops are preconfigured images of operating systems and/or applications that are physically separated from the device that is used to connect to them. The principle of operation of such platforms is somewhat reminiscent of the operation of remote access systems to computers – for example, those that can be easily deployed using the TeamViewer program. The server part of the TeamViewer application is installed on a remotely managed computer, and the client part is installed on the control (administrative) PC. By connecting from a client to a remote computer, the user will have access to any functions of the operating system installed on it.

VMware Tools For Windows 7 Download platform works in much the same way, only here virtual machines deployed on powerful servers are used as remote computers. There can be many such virtual machines on one server. And they are all managed by one or a group of administrators called intermediaries (brokers). Their task is to configure user access rights to certain functions of the virtual desktop.

Users may or may not be able to save changes (for example, to electronic documents they open), install and uninstall applications, perform file operations, and so on. In this regard, a virtual desktop is practically no different from a corporate computer that is fully controlled by a system administrator.

Benefits Of VMware Tools For Windows 7 Download

One of the main advantages of the VMware Tools For Windows 7 Download platform is the versatility of its client program. The VMware Horizon Client presented on this page is intended for installation on computers running Windows. But there are also versions of the application for MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux. It is also possible to connect to virtual desktops from a regular browser. At the same time, the client device (computer, tablet, or even smartphone) should not have high technical parameters, because the only load exerted on it is the operation of receiving a video signal and sending commands to the virtual machine from the keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, etc.

Here are some other important features of using virtual desktops and the VMware Horizon platform in particular:

  • Price. A virtual desktop, as we have already found out, is practically no different from a regular computer. If you need to provide, for example, 20 office workers with high-performance desktop PCs, it would be wiser to save money by purchasing less powerful machines (the so-called office option) and subsequently connecting them to the VMware Horizon platform.
  • Safety. Another benefit of virtual desktops over physical desktops is the higher level of data storage security. Firstly, they are stored in a single data center, and not on separate end computers, which have to be protected by antiviruses and other protective equipment on an individual basis. Secondly, if the computer fails or is simply stolen, then attackers will not be able to access any important data, because. they are stored on remote servers. In addition, the VMware Horizon Client works in an isolated environment, which further increases the level of data protection against cyber attacks.
  • Flexibility. For organizations with flexible workforces (or, in other words, for short-term employees), virtual desktops have a clear advantage in terms of providing employees with enough power to complete a specific task. Administrators can quickly and easily provision virtual desktops without having to purchase expensive physical machines for users who may only need them for a short time.
  • Simple control. The IT department can easily manage a large number of remote virtual desktops from a single center. Software updates are quicker and easier because they can be done at once and for all users but on a per-computer basis.

However, these platforms also have disadvantages. If the datacenter where VMware Horizon is deployed runs out of storage space, users may experience difficulty accessing their desktops and performing any operations. There are two ways out of the situation – either purchasing additional disk space, which will ultimately increase the cost of a subscription to use a virtual machine, or deleting/moving data, which is often unacceptable for medium and large companies.

Although the performance of the client device is not high, the remote desktop operation can still be difficult due to a poor network connection. And this is not to mention the direct dependence on the network connection – if it suddenly disappears, then the work of the entire organization will simply stop until the network is fixed.

VMware Tools For Windows 7 Download For Free

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