Windows 8 Download Latest Version 32 &64-bit For Free [2023]

Good for tablets: touch mode, new apps, and easier on battery

With Windows 8 Download, Microsoft is embracing the world of tablets. Windows 8 introduces an optimized touchscreen interface with dedicated apps, is faster than Windows 7, and offers many new features. With our many tips, you can switch right away.

New features, different versions

Windows 8 Download is available in different editions. There is a choice of home and business editions of Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise.

Windows 8 introduces Windows Store apps optimized for tablets. They are installed exclusively through the Microsoft Windows Store app . For larger displays, the two apps can run side by side in Snap mode. With Windows 8, you get preinstalled apps like MailCalendarCamera, and Photo Album, as well as Media Player for music and video.

Windows 8 Download comes with the new Internet Explorer 10 as a Windows desktop app and as a Windows Store app. Tools such as Windows Explorer or the new Task Manager are optimized for touch screens. If needed, a new System Restore can restore Windows 8 to its original state, or keep all installed programs and settings with a fresh install.

Windows 8 Pro also offers Windows Media Center as a free add-on, Windows Remote Desktop Server, and an encrypted file system. This version allows you to use virtual machines, BitLocker encryption for hard drives, and BitLocker To Go for removable media, as well as joining Windows domains.

Along with all the features, Windows 8 Pro Enterprise Edition offers: full installation on a USB drive with Windows To Go, app security policies for apps with AppLocker, secure VPN access via direct access, and other advanced features for large enterprise networks such as WANs. branch cache technology. With Windows 8 Enterprise, the Windows Media Center add-on costs money.

Touch screen operation

The Windows 8 Enterprise 90-Day Test is available as an ISO file. The test version is intended for developers, but can also be easily downloaded and installed by home users. However, once the trial period has expired, you cannot activate it by making a purchase. To create an installation DVD, you use a suitable burning program. Alternatively, you can mount the ISO file as a virtual drive using a utility such as Virtual CloneDrive and run the setup.exe file in the root directory.

Windows 8 Download operation is optimized for touch screens. You just tap the screen to launch new Windows Store apps or use the new tiles as dashboards for new mail, social media updates, or the current weather. Scrolling with your finger or pressing the Windows button lets you switch to the familiar desktop view. The on-screen keyboard is useful for entering text on tablets.

Along with the regular desktop, Windows 8 comes with a brand-new user interface. You now use colorful tiles to navigate. Below the surface, you’ll find other improvements such as a new file system to improve performance.

Conclusion: A fast and tablet-friendly version of Windows

Windows 8 Download uses less memory than older versions of Windows, runs faster, and recommends itself even without a new user interface update. Unlike previous versions of Windows, with Windows 8 the concept of Windows has taken a head start with many practical improvements. It’s not just tablet users who can look forward to the new Windows.


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Very stable
  • snappy interface
  • Includes new native Metro apps
  • Support for traditional desktop applications


  • The Metro interface takes a little getting used to
  • Works best on touchscreen devices

Application characteristics

  • License: For free

  • Version: 6.2-Build-9200

  • Platform: Windows

  • OS: Windows 8

  • Language: English

Windows 8 Download

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