Windows 98 ISO For VMware 32 & 64-bit Free Download [2023]

Virtual workspace

Windows 98 ISO For VMware is productivity software developed by VMware, Inc. The software provides companies with desktop virtualization services. It separates the desktop environment and the VMware application. This provides remote access to the workplace. It also works on work platforms.

Powerful virtualization features

Windows 98 ISO For VMware uses VMware technology to run a stable virtual desktop. Each desktop operating system runs in a virtual machine through a hypervisor or virtual machine monitor. This software can turn static desktops into one digital workspace with added security features. It brings digital jobs on demand. Everything is centralized with a virtual desktop infrastructure and virtualization platform. Having a single virtual platform provides more streamlined management and allows end users to use the “Right” feature. Administrators can provide virtual or remote desktops and remote applications.

The advantage of forming a virtual desktop is to reduce costs for the company. It distributes resources across virtual platforms, all under one platform. It also extends virtualization from a single database across user devices. Administrators have overall control, delivery, and security for the virtual desktop. They can implement adaptive policies for each end user in the computing environment. The implementation of data protection is simplified and flexible for the virtual desktop and company database.

The software comes with very simplified controls virtual desktops and applications. Administrators can deliver desktops in an instant while reducing resource consumption. The software takes advantage of modern systems and application architecture. This reduces memory consumption and operating costs for stateless desktops and other work platforms.

Administrators will get a more convenient experience for packaging and installing applications. The software provides a continuous end-user experience for everyone. It’s perfect for designers, programmers, developers, support reps, writers, and other office workers. They can work in the office or away from the office to increase productivity.

Increase productivity with virtual desktops

Windows 98 ISO For VMware is designed to manage office work even in remote locations. This gives a working virtual platform for offices. Every end user is protected, and administrators get optimal management, security, and control over the workplace.


  • Virtualization across platforms
  • Adaptive Security
  • Reduce system consumption and operating costs


  • High throughput
  • Too complex platform
  • Additional features available with purchase

Application characteristics

  • License: For free

  • Version: 2106-8.3.0

  • Update date: Feb 15, 2023

  • Platform: Windows

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Language: English

Download Windows 98 ISO For VMware

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